A downloadable game for Windows

My entry for the 2016 Wizard Jam.

In the deafening din of Megacity Baboo, fill the shoes of a travelling salesperson. You need to get rid of all your Monster drink samples by tapping on the doors of the residents of two skyscrapers.

Press Enter to tap on their doors and then try and match the emoticon that they are somehow imparting on you through half a metre of steel.

It is essentially morse code, so short tap is one input, long tap and hold is another. Figure out the code to answer more complex emoticons.


Arrows to move around

Space bar to Jump

Enter to interact with doors

ESC to quit


Cleaned up the backgrounds

Added some sparkles to indicate doors to interact with

Changed everything to point filtering for pixelly goodness

Added a timer

Added an intro screen with instructions

Enabled difficulty selection

Known Issues:

Sometimes Interact animation will not play if pressed in quick succession, consider that every key press is being recognised

Ladder climbing animation wigs out on idle animation

Aaaand probably something other cosmetic things


More Nes-like tiles: Surt - Some really, really incredible NES art, so graciously licensed for CC use!

Ken Pixel Nova: Kenney - Part of Kenney's awesome first art asset pack

Generic Animation Pack: 9-ar7k: A nice base for 2d platformer characters

Ruined City Background: TokyoGeisha - A wonderful CC licensed dystopic pixel art background

Sparkles: Julien - nice selection of twinkly sparkles

Monster Logo: Monster Beverage Corp - bodacious claim of Fair Use


WFMS_0.3.zip 9 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and play, should run at most resolutions, better at lower widescreen resolutions for crunchier pixels!


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Hey, great jam game. I liked the concept, however I wasn't ever sure if I was adding to a combination or restarting one. But the art style really suited the monster energy brand :D

Thanks a lot, yeah, player feedback is really lacking with entering and visualing that input. But as long as I converted you into a Monster drink drinker, then my job is done. :p

Thanks a bunch for checking it out!